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Farmers Markets Are My Happy Place

If someone told me to picture my happy place, it would have to be Saturday mornings at the farmers market. Seriously, I love them so much. There is just something so peaceful about getting up early on a Saturday and heading to the market. Get myself some kombucha, buy some local produce for the week, browse other local vendors. It’s wonderful. 

So I wanted to put together a few of the benefits that I think one gets from going to the farmers market:

  1. The produce is so reasonably priced, you usually end up saving money!
  2. Farmers markets have so many healthy options that if you only shop there you’re practically guaranteed to set yourself up for a good healthy week
  3. You’re going to see some interesting/unique produce that might get you out of your comfort zone and eating new foods
  4. Farmers can give you great ideas that you might have never thought of in preparing different produce (especially for those new things you’re trying)
  5. You learn a lot about what’s in season when and how to tell when things are ripe which is great knowledge to have when shopping at the grocery store
  6. There are so many unique things besides produce like homemade soaps, pastas, kombucha, breads, salsas (and sometimes even local wines πŸ˜‰)
  7. You’re buying local and I think supporting local businesses and farmers is one of the best things you can do for your community
  8. It usually encourages you to get up early on Saturdays (better stuff always goes first) so you have your whole day ahead of you
  9. Entertainment! I know my local farmers market has live music and kids activities, such a great way to get kids out learning about produce and eating healthy
  10. I guarantee it will make you happy. Okay, so maybe I’m just biased because of how happy it makes me but everyone is always so nice and cheerful and helpful. It always puts me in a good mood!

So go check out your local farmers market! If you’re not in an area that has one, try to visit them when you’re in other cities, it’s fun to see other city’s markets! Where are your favorite farmers markets? What are your favorite things to buy? Let me know in the comments!

Kansas Citians: I’ve only been to the Overland Park Farmers Market and City Market but want to check out some more in the area! Where are your favorites and why??o


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