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Meal Prep Guide

Meal prep is one of the easiest ways to ensure you eat healthy for the week. Hands down. There are several ways to meal prep:

  • Making all of your meals for the week; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Making all of your lunches
  • Prepping food for all of your meals

Typically when I meal prep, I just make lunches and snacks for the week. I like cooking and typically have time in the evening to make a healthy dinner so I don’t usually worry about it. But if you usually have hectic evenings or find yourself without motivation in the evening to cook, then by all means make your dinners too! 

But here’s a few tips or guidelines that I’ve found useful when meal prepping:


  1. Get yourself some good Tupperware or containers. I like everything uniform so I have these: Paksh Novelty Round Plastic Meal Preparation Container/Food Saver with Clear Lid, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe, 24 oz, 16 Piece. They are dishwasher safe and microwaveable so they’re easy to use and reuse!
  2. Either plan before grocery shopping or shop in season. Most people probably need to plan before grocery shopping, so look up recipes and make your shopping list. Pinterest has a ton of great ideas! However if you’re a little more creative with your cooking, I tend to just shop in season or whatever I find at the farmers market and then just go from there and research dishes after that. Whichever way works!
  3. Make sure it’s something that reheats well! There are some things that jut won’t reheat well and this might be something you figure out along the way. 
  4. If you’re someone who gets bored eating the same thing everyday, make a few options! Maybe you have 3-4 dishes that can either be eaten for lunch or dinner.

Breakfast Ideas/Guidelines:

  1. Smoothies: smoothies are easy to prep! You can put all of your fruits and veggies on individual baggies And freeze. So all you’ll have to do in the morning is add your liquid and any add-ins (protein powder, chia seed, flax seed, etc.). 
  2. Egg muffins: scrambled eggs with whatever veggie fillings are great to reheat! You can Eve freeze them!
  3. Overnight oats: if you haven’t jumped on the overnight oats train yet, you have to try it! When prepping, just mix your oats with any dry mix ins (chia seeds, protein powder, etc.) and each night before add your wet mix ins (milk, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, etc.) mix and and let sit over night. Enjoy cold or heat up, whichever is good!


  1. Quinoa Bowls: I make these a lot. They’re very simple and versatile. Usually involve quinoa, some protein, lots of veggies and an assortment of spices. Anything for Mexican, to Italian, to garlic (lots and lots of garlic)! 
  2. Burrtito Bowls: pretty much just quinoa bowls but Mexican spices. Proteins can be chicken or ground turkey but my favorite is sweet potato and black bean!
  3. Stir fry: I love a yummy stir fry with a homemade sauce (low sodium sow sauce, lots of garlic, lots of ginger, and siracha are the base). My favorite mix-ins are shrimp and asparagus!
  4. Zoodle dishes: switching out pasta for zucchini noodles is such a great decision! So make any sort of pasta-like dish! (A fun alternative to this is  Zucchini Lasagna, YUM!)
  5. Grilled/baked protein (chicken, salmon, etc.) and roasted veggies. This is probably the easiest of them all to prepare. I get a little bored with the protein per of this sometimes but it’s a great option!


Below is just a list of easy to prepare snacks:

  1. Celery & Peanut Butter
  2. Greek Yogurt (with mix-ins like fruits, slivered almonds or chia seeds)
  3. Fresh fruit
  4. Veggies and hummus
  5. Homemade Baked veggie chips
  6. Cottage cheese
  7. Hard boiled eggs
  8. Roasted chick peas

Let me know your meal prep tips and tricks! Happy Sunday!


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