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Transformation Tuesday

In my first post I mentioned that when I first started this journey about a year and a half ago, I had a set back. I had always been active. I played college golf. I had a lot of injury issues throughout my life, whether it was tendinitis (wrist, thumb, & ankle), a sprained mcl, and just random aches and pains that were usually attributed to a quick growth spurt when I was younge, being tall, being clumsy, etc.

Most of all I had hip problems since high school. I saw a few doctors for it and some things were discussed mostly about misalignment and things went away for awhile but not for good. Post-college graduation, I embarked on a healthy journey after several months of settling into adult-life. Queue major setback.

My hip became something that I just couldn’t deal with anymore and I ended up being diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis. Aka the blood supple to my hip had stopped and some bone in my hip had died. Surgery was needed. July 7th of 2015 I had hip decrompression surgery done. The road to recovery was hard. I wasn’t in crutches too terribly long, but I was moving slow. Things were hard, I was always upset and felt on the verge of depression. About 4 months in, I was convinced the surgery hadn’t worked based on the pain I was still in. Luckily I went to my doctor and he said “Megan, a hole was drilled in your bone, obviously you’re not healed yet.” And my spirits were immediately lifted. I had realized how long this recover was going to be.

After 6 months I started taking walks with my boyfriend,I was using the stationary bike in the weight room, doing body weight exercises. Every bit made not only my hip feel better but my mind was more with it. My attitude was better.

Then in February of 2016, I was cleared for full activity. And damnit I was not going to let it go to waste.

That’s where this journey all began and I’ve been very proud of myself. I have worked hard and I don’t want to take advantage of the simple things like being physically able to work out anymore.

Yes those are crutch critters on the left!

A big shoutout to all my friends and family for being there for me over the last year. It was quite the journey and I’m so thrilled to be where I am and couldn’t have done it without you all.


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