Wine Wednesday Recommendations

Happy Wine Wednesday everyone! I thought today I would do a fun post about some of my wine recommendations. And I thought I would mix up the norm by recommending them in terms of mood or event!  And I’m going to mix it up with a couple recommendations for each mood.  I’ll try to do one that you can find at a typical liquor store, one that would be an online in person buy, and then the last will just be for people in the KC area and are some of my local recommendations here!  Enjoy! And if you have any favorites that you’d like to add to my list, feel free to comment! I always love trying new wine!


Liquor Store Buy: Chandon Blanc de Noirs

A wonderful Sparkling Rose wine made with Pinot Noir grapes.  This is one of my favorite sparkling wines and it’s pretty reasonably priced!  See more information here!

Online Buy: Ruby Hill Sparkling Wine

Oh how I love this sparkling wine. This is the sparkling wine to end all sparkling wines.  My sister used to live in the Bay Area and we’d always visit this winery in Livermore, CA (ps you should go check out other Livermore wineries).  I got hooked on this stuff at my sister’s wedding and it’s just incredible.  So well priced, but you’ll have to pay for shipping. But it’s definitely worth it.  See notes here and shop here!

Local Buy: Cooper’s Hawk Sparkling Rose

Now this isn’t  local to just Kansas City. I know there are lot of Coopers Hawk locations all over the country, so really anyone should be able to find this if you live in a metropolis or you can find it online.  It’s just a really great wine. Great for celebrations! See more information here!


Liquor Store Buy: Hedges Family Estate Red Mountain

This is such a great red blend from Washington. It pairs really well with food, like bold saucy dishes or a great steak.  I can usually find it for just under $30.  Really nice if you want something decent and maybe to impress some guests.  See more information here!

Online Buy: Rubino Estates Dolcetto

Alright, another Livermore winery. I just love this. Another one we frequented with my sister.  I love this wine. It’s bold but smooth.  Definitely worth a try!  See some notes here and buy here!

Local Buy: Aubrey Vineyards Chambourcin

Have you been to Aubrey Vineyards tasting room?! It’s in a vinyl records store and I just think that is the coolest. Their chambourcin is a smooth wonderful red, with a hint a sweetness.  You’ll love it. Go check them out (they do FREE tastings).  See more information here!


Liquor Store Buy: Lady Hill Winery Ad Lucem Elaina Red

This is a great red blend from Oregon.  If you are bored, this will easily entertain you.  At around $20 or $25, you will be glad you bought this on a bored Thursday night, binge watching the new season of Orange is the New Black.  See more information here!

Online Buy: Somerset Ridge Citron

Okay, yes this is also a local wine to Kansas City but seriously this is the most fun wine that anyone should try it.  It’s technically a dessert wine but don’t let that stop you.  This wine is so versatile!  Put some in your mimosas in place of orange juice, mix it with some vodka and lemon for a fun lemon drop martini, or my absolute favorite is to mix it with honey whiskey, a splash of club soda, and a dash of cinnamon! YUM! You will impress anyone with that easy cocktail.  Or just sip on the wine, it’s so much fun!  Check it out here!

Local Buy: Aubrey Vineyards Apple Wine

Apple wine you ask? Yes. It’s made with just apples, no grapes.  But it’s oh so fun.  And don’t go making that face like it’s going to be so sweet.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  A very fun wine for any season.  Oh and did I mention how well it cooks with?  Imagine a pork chop cooked in that?  That’s an entertaining night hands down.  See more here!


Liquor Store Buy: Michael David Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are exhausted and need a great glass to wake you up a little, this is a good option from Lodi, CA.  Just the bottle itself with all of it’s color will wake you up! Check it out here!

Online Buy: Cooper’s Hawk Almond Sparkling

I love a good sparkling wine to wake me up a little.  And Cooper’s Hawk Almond Sparkling does just that. This is a must try.  Really almond sparkling wine in general is a must try if you haven’t tried one yet.  See more here!

Local Buy: Aubrey Vineyards Catawba

This wine’s unique orange-ish hue will wake you up alone!  This is an amazingly unique wine that will have you contemplating it and loving every flavor you find in it.  I really love this wine. See more info here!


Liquor Store Buy: Kermit Lynch Cheverny

To me, roses are girly.  This rose from France is a really wonderful, semi-dry wine that is pretty wonderful this time of year.

Online Buy: Wente Pinot Noir Rose

Wente is another Livermore winery that might be a little more well known than the others I’ve mentioned.  But their Pinot Noir Rose is a great buy, a little on the pricier end than the other wines I’ve mentioned but still great!.  See more info here!

Local Buy: Somerset Ridge Aphrodite

Somerset Ridge is such a great winery and if you’re in the area take the drive down 69 to check it out.  (It’s right by the Louisburg Cider Mill).  On the weekends, during the warmer months, they have a food truck with the best tapas and live music.  Go do a tasting, buy a glass of wine and some tapas, and sit in their garden listening to great live music.  Oh and try their Aphrodite, it’s a wonderful dry rose.  See more here!

Somerset Ridge Winery & their tapas

Sunday Funday:

Liquor Store Buy: Domaine St Michelle “Michelle” Brut

I typically like to stick with something dry and not too expensive when making mimosas.  (Which is obviously done on Sundays!)  This one works well! See more here!

Online Buy: Ruby Hill Sparkling Wine

Yes I know I already mentioned this wine but it’s just that good. Just go buy some. It’s wonderful and should and can be drank any day of the week.  See more info here and buy here!

Local Buy: Pirlte Winery Effervescent Apple

Another apple wine?! Yes, this one is fun and maybe isn’t meant for mimosas, but honestly I haven’t tried that yet.  I just might have to in the near future!  But I’m sure you can find something fun to do with this sparkling apple wine on a Sunday afternoon.  Maybe a fun sangria!  See more info here!

Bad Mood:

Liquor Store Buy: Hedges CMS

Yes, a Hedges wine again.  This is a really great winery guys.  Their CMS blend is a great wine that will put you in a great mood! Buy and enjoy, simple as that!  See more here!

Online Buy: Ruby Hill Grapeful Red

And yes another Ruby Hill wine.  Their Grapeful Red blend is awesome (and the bottle is so fun).  You will definitely be in a better mood after a glass (or two!) See more info here and buy here!

Local Buy: Somerset Ridge Flyboy Red

This is such a great dry red from Somerset.  Go buy this, you won’t regret it and you will be so happy you did! See more here!


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