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My Ever Evolving Health Mantras

Lists. Lists are very in right now. Just look at Buzzfeed, a concept that is pretty much just lists. So to stay in vogue, I’m going to give you a list. A list of mantras that is. My health mantras are ever-changing and evolving. I’ll discover some new food or try some new form of a workout and there I go changing my mantras. So these aren’t set in stone for me but these are some guidelines that I’m enjoying living my life by right now. Enjoy!

1. Drink lots of water

I have this huge cup that sits on my desk and I try to drink 2-3 of those a day.

2. Drink tea (my go tos are green tea and kombucha)

My latest obsessions is Bigelow Pomegranate Green Tea and Pineapple Jalapeño kombucha from my local farmers market. I also enjoy visiting the local farmers market and taking advantage of all of their creative (and reasonably priced) loose leaf green teas.

3. Try to limit your intake of added sugar, refined carbs, and dairy

I’m not saying any of these things are the devil and to never eat them, but I try to minimize my intake of them if possible. 

4. Resistance Train

I absolutely love lifting and strength training.  I also LOVE circuits and HIIT workouts! These make up most of my workouts, with the occasional run! My runs are always outside on these beautiful trails near my apartment (see below), it’s the only way I enjoy running!

5. Work out 5-6 days week

Find a workout you love, schedule your days, mix things up. Whatever it takes to keep you motivated and at it all week!

6. Always eat breakfast

My typical weekday breakfast is a smoothie. But on the weekends I love making some sort of veggie scramble or a veggie hash with a fried egg.

7. Now that we’re talking about smoothies, always add greens and protein to your smoothies, especially if you’re using them as a meal replacement and not just a snack

Right now kale and spinach are my favorite additives. And as for protein: chia seeds and greek yogurt are great. But I always use a protein powder (Fitmiss Delight Chai Vanilla is my flavor of choice right now – low calorie and low in sugar)

8. You don’t have to say no to everything

This for me is a point of survival. Sometimes, you have to just eat the brownie. Sometimes, you just need to order that decadent brunch because who doesn’t love a good brunch. It’s all about balance and doing what makes you happy.  

Happiness over Hangriness

9. Cook from scratch whenever possible

Make your own stir fry sauce, alfredo sauce, dressings, etc. Not only do things from scratch taste better than out of a can or bottle, but 9/10 someone has found a “healthy” alternative to it on the internet. Yeah, sometimes it takes more time or could be more expensive but it’s worth it to try!

10. Log everything you eat

This is a must! I really love using MyFitnessPal. It has a ton of food in it’s database so you can usually find what you need. Sometimes the hardest part of it is logging things that you got a restaurant or someone else made. In those cases I just try to search for something that seems close to what I’m looking for. Once you log food enough, you usually get a good idea of calorie content of something at the least!

11. Eat protein with every meal

This is key for feeling full and lasting till your next meal or snack.

12. And above all, do what makes you happy

Sometimes what makes you happy is skipping your workout to go to a happy hour with girlfriends. Sometimes it’s just the best homemade salad. Sometimes it’s mastering the most perfect homemade lemon souffle. Sometimes it’s staying in on a Friday night because you are so psyched about the long workout you have planned. What makes you happy is different from day to day. Listen to your body and your feelings, figure out what is going to make you happy today and go do it.


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