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Being Bold

I want to be bold. Or at least bolder than I am.  So what’s more bold than posting a picture that is extremely mortifying.  The first picture is me in January of 2015 when I first started to want to get serious about my fitness and health experience.  

However, barely a month in I had a small hiccup.  Some pain that I had been having since high school started to get more serious which eventually led to me needing hip surgery (more on that later).

But January of this (2016) I was cleared for all activity and I decided I was not going to let myself take advantage of my abilities anymore.  So I started working out 5-6 days a week.  I started tracking everything I eat.  I started getting excited to work out. I LOVE circuits.  Whether they’re timed or consists of set reps, don’t care. They’re all great.  This was so freeing to be excited to work out.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t inactive before.  I played golf in college for a D1 school so we had cardio and weight training several days a week.  So I wasn’t new to the weight room, I just never was thrilled to be there and would have never said I was pushing myself that hard.  So the second picture is me recently.

In addition to this, I LOVE cooking. I love food in general. And wine.  So I’m not someone who wants to give up everything that I love for this journey.  I’ve been finding alternatives for the foods that I love.  I’ve been experimenting more with new foods and new cooking techniques.  I love wine.  I love finding new ones, new tastings, finding new wineries, new food and wine pairing.

So what to expect from me here?  A multitude of things: my inspirations, motivations, recipes, workouts, wine recommendations, the list could evolve from there as this is just the beginning.
So thanks for joining me on this adventure!


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